Monday, October 8, 2012

Not a doormat

G paid me (not Belle!) an unexpected visit in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I realised this when I discovered his crumpled hat on my doormat, next to unopened bags of crackers and containers of yogurt for two, at 9:30 Saturday morning. There was nothing for Belle, of course. I tied the hat into a bag to give to her later. She deserves something of his.

I spied G late Saturday afternoon at a street faire.  He approached me. I made sure he held Belle while I took pictures. Later on he brought a female friend along to meet Belle. He made some mention of bringing something by in two weeks' time, not for Belle, but for me.

I made a friend today who says she has profitted handsomely from child support. She is fifty-five now (Her daughter is now thirty-four) and is still getting back child support. I have not pressed G for anything, despite his claims that he has a wealth in assets. I am hanging loose for now.

I consciously agreed to a sexual relationship with G once upon a time. I wasn't victimised or duped. I was drinking a lot, eating to excess and not living up to my full potential. Motherhood represents me at my full potential, with all those unhealthy appetites curbed. I had already made the shift by attracting G as a lover.  Now that I have Belle, I am on the right track.

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