Monday, September 1, 2014


Belle had a full day's play yesterday and still stayed awake past one this morning.  I thought I would die.  In fact, I longed for it.  I paced until I felt myself practically sleepwalking, and then I paced more.  I made a mug of cocoa (cocoa powder, sugar and vegetable oil dissolved in milk) to share.  Belle fell asleep after a few sips.

I made the best lentils today.  I poured an entire kettle of hot water over a cup of lentils and let them simmer with a couple chicken bullion cubes (without MSG).  Then I added a generous amount of frozen collard greens and left over savory brown rice (brown rice simmered in vegetable broth, corn kennels and cut okra).  I found this dish most divine and inspired.  If only Belle would eat some...

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