Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outsourcing housework

I tried to outsource cleaning my kitchen last Monday.  It's difficult for me to give the kitchen the scrubbing it needs while Belle is awake and clingy or curious.  A dirty kitchen makes it difficult to cook.  Cooking is challenging enough with a picky toddler still on the tit, but with a dishelved kitchen?

My friend agreed to help me because it is Summer and light in the evenings.  Unfortunately, my sticky countertops overwhelmed her.  She believes in bleach and water for cleaning when I believe in vinegar and water or gentle, organic cleansers, like Method and Mrs. Meyers, especially now that I have a child and two cats.

My unwitting kitchen helper acted like a drama queen.  I had to show her how to use spray cleanser, which she over used.  I had my head down washing dishes by hand with Belle secured on my hip with a cloth wrap (And obnoxiously eating grapes, I might add!).  I didn't notice the entire bottle of cleanser being wasted on one counter.

She wants to come back "whenever" and bring her bucket of nasty bleach.  No thank you.  I used that momentum and found some time to clean without help.  I did what I could realistically do with Belle running in circles around me and Krishna crying at the backdoor.  I will finish this!

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