Sunday, June 1, 2014

Raise the bar

Sunday began with live streaming of my cousin's wedding from Greece.  I had anticipated watching this from bed until Belle started using toys as step ladders.  We ended up watching the wedding at the dining room table while I choked down the hard peaches and ripe bananas Belle wouldn't stop touching.  I also drank the last of the cinnamon tea.

Belle noticed our neighbor's garage door open about as soon as it became impossible for me to focus on the post-wedding live stream.  She practically flew out the front door with excitement.  Guests were arriving for the birthday party for the little girl Belle sometimes plays with.  We were not invited to the party, but could have pulled it together at the last minute if asked.  We ended up walking to the park instead.

We met various neighbors and their dogs in the park.  I vocalized the differences I notice between the side we live on and the side my friends with the dogs live on.  Belle and I live on the quiet, less social side of our community.  People tend to go their own way here.  The other side is more friendly, especially for families with young children.  My neighbor suggested I move there when my lease is up here.  I don't have a lease.  I must accept I bought a home on the sleepy side.  Maybe I can raise the bar?

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