Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fruit juice junkie

I poured Belle's grape juice down the drain.  She hasn't matured enough to handle the limits I set on fruit juice consumption.  I am switching her to vegetable juices to save our sanity and her health.  Diluting fruit juice with water didn't work for us.  Belle knows the taste of juice right out of the bottle and prefers that.  She will pour watered down juice down onto the floor in protest.  I would rather not deal with that mess on a continuum.  

I made a one pot pasta dish for last night's dinner:  large onion, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, star shape pasta, freshly picked oregano, basil and eggs poached on top.  Belle opted for a pack of madras lentils she found in the pantry instead.  Of course she didn't eat the lentils, nor did she eat the salad she pulled from the fridge.  In fact, Belle threw the salad on the floor.  She ended up drinking chocolate milk for dinner.  

I may give up on bread.  I already prefer flat breads like naan and pita and corn tortillas over American or European breads.  While I love warm bread and butter, running a toaster or a toaster oven isn't reality with a toddler.  Yesterday I observed Belle carrying a crumpled bag of sandwich bread around the kitchen, dining and living room, wasting more than eating it.  I had to throw that bread out, along with a chicken salad Belle transferred into a baggie for some obnoxious reason.

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