Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pantry raid

Belle had two insanely picky food weeks.  She ate all her cheese and yogurt within days. Then she drained every drop of juice from a sizable supply I'd had on hand.  I didn't even bother making Belle her own plate after a while because I knew she would refuse it or throw it.  Now she can raid the pantry and bring me back a can or package of food to open.  Today we had chicken chili with beans over cheese filled tortellini.  Belle happily ate her lunch with warm bread.  Later she ate a tangerine she brought into the bath.  I am pleased she is eating a balanced diet again.

I recently gave away fifteen boxes of breakfast cereal.  Today a friend passed along quick cooking oats and white rice, along with pears and tangerines.  That's more healthful than cereal with milk.  Boxed cereal looks like cat food and treats.  Coincidentally, dry cat food is called cereal in some circles.  Today I passed up whole salami because it looked like cat poop encrusted with litter.  Maybe I might have taken it with a different presentation.

Last night I attempted to make the rhubarb dessert included in our CSA box.  I sauteed the fresh rhubarb with sugar and water and mashed it to a pulp.  I had intended to substitute the heavy cream whipped into peaks the recipe called for with coconut cream.  Belle licked the sugar sweetened rhubarb off the potato masher and fell in love before I could add the cream.  I split the rhubarb between two bowls and served it for dinner.  I later ate a can of minced mackerel with vegetables we found at the Bosnian market with garlic mashed carrots and potatoes and a beet.  Belle didn't eat any of that, although she'd eaten beets the previous day.

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