Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Belly,bladder, bowel

I am building a business around Belle's belly, bladder and bowels.  I am working around her potty breaks.  I dressed up to take a business call earlier.  I wanted to feel more successful by chatting in better clothes.  We walked to Safeway so I could buy a cup of coffee, retrieve a gift card owed me by the store and take the call.  Belle saw an empty plastic container that reminded her of the pinto beans and cheese she loves at Taco Bell and demanded beans right away.  I had a fidgeting, screaming child just minutes before my call.  I had to quickly choose lunch from the deli counter (No beans because Safeway doesn't sell refried beans at their deli.) even if that meant missing my call.  We ate a good lunch:  wild Alaskan salmon, kale salad, slaw, a corn dog, mini Oreos and Goldfish.  I missed my call, of course.  That just fell into a void...BUT!  I found someone else to connect with, and everyone had a full stomach and properly regulated bladder and bowel functions.  There is that.

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