Monday, April 20, 2015

Sundays at McDonald's

I like to take Belle to McDonald's on Sunday afternoons so I can connect with a girlfriend who lives nearby while Belle plays.  I usually buy myself a large coffee and smuggle in snacks from home for Belle.  Last Sunday, with snacks hidden on my person, I treated Belle to a McDonald's ice cream cone.  I bought myself a [tasty, peppery] McChicken sandwich.  Belle ate a tiny bite of sandwich and appeared to enjoy it, which prompted me to buy another sandwich.  Belle threw that second sandwich to the ground, of course.  I quickly snatched it up and ate it (It was still wrapped.).  My friend arrived soon after and treated Belle to apple juice, chocolate chip cookies and a yogurt tube.  These were all healthy choices overall.  I liked the modest size of the McChicken sandwich too.  It hit the spot.

My friend made an observation about the luxury cars she says she has noticed recently.  I guess I have been too busy chasing after a child to notice.  I said, "Who cares?  Let's change too.  I love you.  You're my friend.  We've got to do better than this though."  I like meeting at McDonald's for these casual days.  I am suddenly enamored by all the women in sheath dresses traipsing through Starbucks.  I proposed that we join them, or some such.  We can start a movement of our own.

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