Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Different expectations

Last night our neighbours invited us to their daughter's birthday dinner.  We were last minute invites, arriving just in time for cake.  I guess we all had different expectations for our evening.  The organizer said "dinner," which I enjoyed well after everyone else had eaten.  Belle, having just eaten from two cups of pinto beans and cheese at Taco Bell, ignored dinner.  The adults in attendance all but ignored me.  They didn't seem to hear me whenever I spoke.  I had to ask for alcohol when they had plenty beers on hand.  I ate my dinner and drank my beer in silence.  On my second beer, and with Belle finally sitting down for cake, we were all shown the door.  The lady of the house slipped Belle's cake into a doggy bag and slipped it onto her wrist.  I struggled a disoriented child, a cup of water and an open bottle of beer on our short walk home.  What was that?

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