Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 mos

Belle is slowly outgrowing her "Newborn" clothing. She started growing longer (22 inches as of two weeks ago!) before growing fatter (7lbs, 15.5oz last week!). Her length falls in the middle of the "0-3 mos" size on the Carter brand size chart. Her weight, however, hasn't caught up. "Newborn" clothing still fits her, despite her length. Last night's "0-3 mos" pajamas fit Belle perfectly. Today's "Newborn/0-3 mos" onesie practically swallowed her whole. I had to switch her to a generously cut "Newborn" sized onesie.

I am excited to dress Belle in her new size, with new colors and patterns. There are baby gowns included among those items in her "0-3 mos" wardrobe. I am equally excited to pack away the "Preemie" and "Newborn" sizes, keeping only those milestone items (Baby's 1st Christmas bib, onesie and PJs, for instance). I am keen to take those items to a shop across the island that accepts gently used baby and toddler items for more clothes, equipment or toys. Baby clothes are like currency in that respect.

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