Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh, Boppy

"But what is that?" I asked when the n-shaped mystery object floated past me on its way into my house. "It's a Boppy," my friends said. I assumed it was a firm pillow to soothe the new mommy. Concerned and very confused, I decided to Google it. I found images of Boppy pillows in various prints online, along with a variety of washable slip covers to protect the already richly hued pillows. A random click on one of the images revealed a Boppy is an infant feeding pillow. I judged the almost mammoth size of my Boppy against my preemie baby and looked even more puzzled. How in the world was this ever an infant feeding pillow?

I stuck my new [to me, at least] Boppy in a corner and forgot about it until my preemie hit fourteen weeks old. Internet searches had offered very little help, often showing the pillow pictured alone and with a brief description of its use. I needed a visual aid on just how to use this thing. During a surprise phone call with an old friend, I learned just how to use a Boppy: Mama hooks Boppy around her waist with the "legs" of the pillow facing behind her. Duh!

My little preemie is currently very comfortably positioned onto the Boppy while I nurse her "hands free" as I blog this. The Boppy is, therefore, heaven sent. Too bad it doesn't do windows, or, as luck would have it, change diapers. Oh, Belle!

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