Sunday, March 25, 2012


I infrequently dream of auditoriums, stages and my struggle to walk on those stages without falling off. This morning I dreamed I walked into an auditorium very much like the one belonging to my high school alma mater. A myriad of wooden staircases surrounded the stage. I couldn't decide which staircase to ascend. I picked one and started climbing, careful not to teeter off my platform shoes. I looked over my shoulder just in time to see very unflattering photographs of myself on a monitor. Every monitor in the auditorium featured a slide show of unflattering, indecent photographs of me. I quickly descended the staircase to stop this. The person in charge of the slide show, who is a real life friend I won't name, stopped the slide show by biting off one of the nipples of my detachable breasts located near the light and sound boards. Belle and I were co-sleeping at the time of the dream. I am sure we were nursing then. Belle doesn't have teeth yet, so I don't know about the biting. I do miss the stage though. I must find a way back there.

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