Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Belle surprised me on Saturday morning when she instinctively backed herself into my arms so we could spoon.  I thought I would die from cute.  We had a brief moment of closeness before she awoke to feed again.  That started a very nice weekend. 

I try to make our farmer's market on Saturdays, even if I only spend five dollars.  This time I spent six dollars on three bunches of kale and a bunch of radishes and was directed to bags of food being handed out by the food bank set up behind the mosque.  Now I am enjoying a marionberry pie!

I found a very lovely cut of salmon at Lucky yesterday.  I love oven roasted salmon with lemon, sea salt and pepper.  I could practically taste that when the lovely Belle lulled me into a late evening nap.  Dinner became a bowl of Life cereal with a few Cheerios added for shiggles.

Life cereal left soaking in milk for several minutes until completely soggy is one of my few vices now that I am knee deep in baby care.  I also love my daily tea.  I brought home a pack of loose leaf yerba mate on Friday that I am keen to tear into soon.  Belle and I will drink tea together someday.

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