Sunday, April 29, 2012


Belle is hitting her developmental milestones despite her weight. She learned how to roll her tongue and blow bubbles of spit last night. She managed to shoot spit upwards onto the top of her own head by the end of it. I guess that's where my coffee kicked in. I'd siphoned three cups of coffee into the coffee thermos I'd brought from home at Thin Man's Saturday Serenade earlier in the day. Belle started making snow angels in the bedsheets and blowing bubbles of spit a few hours later. She looked like David Lee Roth asking for "a bottle of anything and a glazed donut, to go."

Belle is always wide eyed. She has bright, clear eyes that stay wide open, like the little Afghan girl. She is keenly aware and very sensitive. Belle can roll onto her back from her tummy. She can also use her legs to push herself up to face me. I learned this a few nights ago when I took too long to feed her. Belle scooted up to meet my face with hers and cried in protest. She is very bright, if not a little small. I think she is a slow but steady gainer who could make up for it with a very big spurt, unlike many babies who gain rapidly and taper off. Belle could reflect a new normal in breastfed infants (She isn't the only baby to lose almost an entire pound after birth and regain it by week six.).

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