Friday, March 22, 2013

15 mos check

Belle had a wonderful morning at the doctor's.  We were very pleased.  Belle gained two pounds since her last weight check on January eighteenth.  She now measures 29.5 inches and weighs twenty pounds.  We are now on track with most other healthy kids.  We need not see the doctor again until Belle's eighteen month appointment in June.  That is three months from now.  This is a far cry from thrice weekly visits in her first few weeks of life.

I celebrated this success with a latte at the Eritrean-Ethiopian restaurant near the clinic.  A latte.  It was a delicious latte after a delicious meal.  Belle ate injera with whatever fruit and vegetable blend I had in a foil pouch in our bag.  She ignored the carrot coins I'd offered her.  Later on at home, Belle sorted through a bowl of beef stew and peas I served for dinner.  She did not eat a bite.  I will make another attempt with a similar food.

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