Monday, March 11, 2013

astro career

Libra Midheaven.  Venus in Cancer conjunct Sun, sextile Jupiter, conjunct Saturn and square Uranus.  Venus in natal seventh and relocated eighth house.

I am an artist, designer and writer. 

I was on the right track with the creative writing major, the acting workshop, the scam modeling agency and even the adult telephone acting.

I should have completed that interior design course.

I didn't know how to market myself as a makeup artist after I completed the course.

I had ZERO support from my grandmothers as an actor or writer.

I traded in my creative writing degree for elder care, property management and real estate.

I lost myself.

I used alcohol, food, sex and shopping as an escape.

I tried to force my way into alternative healing fields because I am genuinely motivated by holistic health, personal growth and the occult.

I am damn good at tarot and the intuitive arts.

I keep going in circles.

I am an artist, designer and writer at my core.

It is time I embrace this truth and create a lifestyle around it.

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