Friday, March 22, 2013

Wee iron woman

I made creative use of boxed infant cereal:  pancakes!  I combined iron rich oat cereal, rice cereal and whole wheat flour with one egg, fruit puree and fruit juice and fired up the griddle.  I made about eighteen dense cakes, of which Belle and I ate half.  I would have stopped at three had it not pleased Belle to keep a pancake in my hand at all times.  They were tasty.  I used an apple and cherry fruit blend and grape juice without sugar instead of milk.

Belle took a few more steps during our pancake feast.  She still prefers crawling over all, as evidenced at last Wednesday's La Leche League meeting.  Belle confidently met every mom and every infant and toddler present.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself outside of me.  I am guessing she is aware, or is increasingly becoming aware, of herself as an individual.  We still need each other one hundred percent though.

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