Sunday, March 17, 2013


I had one of the best Sundays ever spent in Alameda today.  I took Belle to the Catholic church across town for a change.  I noticed we arrived early despite commuting by bus (We always arrive during the homily whenever we walk to our neighbourhood church.).  Belle felt so comfortable at mass that she would have crowd surfed had I allowed her.  I, too, felt uplifted, which doesn't always happen at our parish.

I treated myself to a large coffee and a lemon bar on our side of town after mass.  Belle ate hand torn pieces of fluffy Bosnian bread.  I had conversations with the shopkeeper and other patrons of every age.  Later we walked across the street to greet a friend before walking home.  We were quickly joined by a third woman, making it a lively round table.  The four of us walked back over to the coffee market for decaf and more conversation.  I felt so energized by all of this, a far cry from my "happy hour" days before Belle.  I need more days like this.

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  1. Glad to hear you had such a pleasant day. Sounds wonderful.