Friday, September 20, 2013

21 mos check

Belle weighs twenty-three pounds and is in the twenty-fifth percentile for other toddlers her age.  The doctor seemed pleased until she realized we are still breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding has never been seen as a viable means of nutrition for Belle because she didn't visibly "thrive" off it initially.  I literally had to lactate in front of people to prove I had milk and was feeding it.  Even then, it was assumed my milk wasn't nutrient dense based on emotions, environment, etc.  I kept breastfeeding despite being harassed, publicly humiliated and shamed.  The medics thought I was too stupid to get it the hang of breastfeeding and too stupid to admit defeat and give up breastfeeding.  Now Belle is twenty-one months and we are still happily breastfeeding.  The doctor stressed we could continue breastfeeding as long as we are both comfortable with it and Belle is on a growth curve.  Again, I know Belle's doctor doesn't credit breastfeeding with proper growth.  She attributes the high calorie solid food I mixed with oil last year for Belle finally thriving.  This makes me sad.

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