Saturday, September 21, 2013


Today I took advantage of medical services and healthy food being offered at a health and wellness event.  I turned one $2.35 "round trip" bus ticket into a blood pressure/glucose check, one pound each of pinto beans, white rice and whole wheat pasta, a twenty-eight ounce can of spaghetti sauce, two grape juice boxes, four large sweet potatoes, eight apples, eight plums and three bunches of carrots.  I didn't count on Belle waking up with a runny nose, me tearing a hole in the back of my heel when the door hit me after I made change for the bus and a pouring rain storm once we arrived.  I half wondered if it was even worth the trip until I discovered at home the pasta is the very pasta I currently like.  Nicer weather would have been much appreciated still, especially since I'd been caught in flip flops and short sleeves during a storm.  I also would have loved to finally try a bakery in the area if we'd had time.

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