Sunday, September 15, 2013

Divine food finds

Great food finds yesterday, including salmon, lamb chops, ground turkey, three pounds of strawberries, light coconut milk, coffee beans, chili powder and two and a half pounds of assorted cheese (Mmm!  Brie.).  I had my sights focused on cheese since Belle suddenly loves cheese.  Someone pulled me aside and said, "I'd been saving these cheese sticks just for you!"  That's a strong connection to Divine at play in my life.

Belle and I shared a mug of coffee, made from freshly ground beans, whole milk and my special spicy sugar.  I gave Belle a tiny shot glass of coffee for herself, and then I switched her to whole milk.  Of course Belle dumped all the milk back into my mug and held out the shot glass for coffee.  She knows what she wants already.

Belle napped briefly in her bobby car later on.  This allowed me to add more spice to my sugar.  She woke up happy and eager to explore those berries in the fridge.  I indulged her, even when the light in the fridge shut off.  Belle lapsed into a crying rage, prompting me to send her straight to bed.  It took four hours to get Belle to sleep.  I eventually chucked her picture rhyme books in favor of post modern fiction.

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