Saturday, October 12, 2013


Last week I let my guard down and allowed my next door neighbor back into my life.  We hadn't spoken in months, after it became apparent we weren't equally yolked.  Several months of silence didn't stop my neighbor from surprising me last Monday with several take out meals and news the family is finally selling the house.  I kindly thanked him and wished him well.  That night he came by with wine, which made a pleasant platonic evening.  He brought tequila a couple nights later and completely unraveled.

I'd eaten a big dinner and put Belle to bed before the neighbor's visit.  We had another pleasant platonic conversation.  When I voiced my sudden craving for a snack, the neighbor walked the short distance to his kitchen and brought back leftovers.  He also brought over a bottle of wine that he quickly drained.  The neighbor couldn't handle his liquor, unfortunately, and attempted a sexual advance.  I rejected him and showed him the door.  

The neighbor returned wearing a condom and no pants.  I sent him drunk, half naked and unsatisfied back home.  I am lucky he left without incident.  Belle and I both could have been attacked.  My neighbor sent a series of text messages in the morning.  He expected me to be a pushover and keep him in my life.  I won't do that.  Quick thinking led to me snapping pictures of him in a bad state and texting him those pictures in the morning.  He will leave us alone and turn all his energy on leaving town if he is smart.  

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