Sunday, October 13, 2013


Top Ramen made an excellent lunch for an impatient Belle yesterday.  I drained the water and tossed the cooked noodles with butter and the seasoning packet.  We sat on the floor and ate delicious noodles.  Now I want more.  I want to be creative and add an egg or something.

I had my eye on whole wheat pasta earlier, and chose something else instead.  Imagine my delight when someone just handed me two pounds of the same whole wheat pasta as Belle and I walked home.  I look forward to trying them.

I am learning how to make smaller portions of food.  We get bored with our leftovers.  I am also enamored with a particular brand of canned chili with beans.  I must eat a can of chili over rice a week.  Belle has learned how to hunt for beans in my bowl of chili with beans and rice.  

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