Thursday, October 3, 2013


Belle and I walk three miles round trip most Thursdays.  I usually wear Belle in a sling with minimal discomfort during our journey.  I secured Belle atop my hip in the ring sling this morning, only to feel her wiggle free as soon as we rounded the corner.  She really wanted to walk this morning.  We fell twenty minutes behind schedule with Belle toddling along but we still made it.  When an acquaintance noticed me holding Belle once we arrived, she asked, "Why don't you let her walk?"

Belle wiggled free from the sling again when she noticed a play structure on our way home.  I recognized the child of a friend playing at this park, along with his nanny.  The nanny and I secured the children into belted swings and enjoyed a lovely conversation while we pushed.  Belle babbled enthusiastically something that sounded similar to "ball."  I think the other child called me "mama."  The children eventually made their way back down to the wood chips, where they made a big mess.  Belle was so dirty and tired afterwards that she dozed off in the sling on the walk home.

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