Friday, April 27, 2012

Small fry

Belle and I trekked into Oakland on the same buses as Belle's father this morning.  We were headed to the clinic for a weight check.  He was headed to work.  Belle stared at her father from across the aisle for several minutes.  She stared at him the same as she does most people and things.  Her father commented on her pink headband and that was that. 

I am beginning to wonder if Belle's slower weight gain plays a larger role, especially in regards father-daughter bonding (or lack thereof).  Her struggles landed us in hospital first and then a children's clinic near her father's job for follow up visits.  That clinic is probably the only way the pair would see each other, despite the fact that we all live on the same island.

Belle now weighs 9lbs, 4oz, up only three ounces from last Friday.  The doctor has suggested I use a "24 calorie per ounce" formula recipe.  I can prepare this with a certain ratio of powdered infant formula added to water or expressed breast milk.  Belle is meeting developmental milestones, just not weight.

The doctor suggested I could have my breast milk tested for nutritional content (She was serious!).  Belle always seems so satisfied during and after feedings.  Her eyes narrow into little slits as she gulps it down.  Then she passes out...and gains little weight.  The doctor also sugggested additional blood tests for Belle as a last resort if she doesn't gain more weight soon.  I am under the gun, once again.

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