Sunday, July 14, 2013


I took a magical bath in warm water, whole naval oranges and fresh mint on the eve of my birth.  I anointed myself with oils, wore moonstone and a pink dress to Concerts at The Cove.  I raised some feminine energy by dancing to a live band and using the hula hoop in nature.  I also strangely managed to get cinnamon gum stuck between the skirt of the pink dress and the knickers I wore underneath it (How does that happen?).  All the awkward tugging tore tiny holes in the fabric of the dress.  I ended up freezing the knickers in an effort to scrape off the mysterious wad of chewing gum.  The dress I once loved is likely ruined.  I imagined I looked great in it regardless.  I sure felt confident and free before I discovered chewing gum on my ass.

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