Monday, July 1, 2013

Peer counselor/mentor

I would like to offer someone the peer support I lacked as a young person.  My grandmothers isolated themselves for whatever reason and expected me to do the same.  While this appeared to "work" when my grandmothers were present to cushion the absence of close relationships, it failed tremendously once I found myself completely on my own.  Material goods did not substitute for people.  I'd been taught to put my faith in materials, money and property and to suspect most people as hungry for my materials, money and property.  This won me no favors when I attempted to establish myself in a new city at the start of a recession.  If anything, some people turned a suspicious eye toward me, certain I was guilty or lying about something.

I learned of my lover's untimely death on the morning before the marketing class for my hypnotherapy course.  I spent one weekend grieving him, went back and finished the course.  I earned my credentials.  I enrolled in another like program to earn additional credentials.  I envisioned myself as a hypnotherapist and holistic health practitioner in private practice.  I spent that Christmas in Northern California visiting my great-aunt in a residential home in Oakland and having fun in San Francisco.  I had moved to Alameda before I knew it.  My career as a hypnotherapist suddenly seemed like nonsense.  I dropped out of my distance learning holistic health school.  Aware of the renaissance happening in Alameda and Oakland, I tried to squeeze myself into public relations, as well as a relationship.  None of it worked.  I became a single mom.  In the silence, I rediscovered hypnosis.  I need peer support now more than ever.  I would love to create for someone the relationships I didn't know I needed too.

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