Sunday, July 28, 2013

House guest

Belle and I are exhausted from hosting an overnight house guest and spending two afternoons at a street fair.  I have always been slack with housework, having grown up in an extremely disorganized home.  Four evenings cleaning around a toddler weren't enough to prepare for this visit.  With a grimy kitchen (and an open floor plan!), I entertained a girl friend regardless of all the work I didn't get done.

Belle did as well as any toddler would in large crowds without much down time.  We took five meals out, including coffee, ice cream and a pancake breakfast at the fire station.  Belle wouldn't occupy a high chair or a booster seat.  She awkwardly reached for beer, margaritas, salsa and everything on the table not meant for her consumption.  I finally just gave up and gave her my ice cream.

We had a nice visit nonetheless.  Interestingly enough, we got the vibe that some folks assumed we were a lesbian couple and child, particularly at the fire station.  That's a more favorable light than what I usually get.  People see a black woman alone with a baby around here and judge it as a social ill.  I liked being accepted as someone with a child in a marriage, even if just another assumption.

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