Saturday, July 20, 2013


Belle doesn't know her legs aren't long enough to commandeer a tricycle.  This didn't stop her from sitting (or standing!) on all three.  Belle has three tricycles we have rescued from these streets, all in need of cleaning and/or repair.  I ended up pushing Belle on the tricycle with a damaged front wheel with a handle made for parents, siblings or caregivers to push.  I pushed Belle to the park, angling the tricycle backwards on its functioning back wheels.  Belle looked pleased and proud, like a big kid.  Belle soon abandoned her tricycle for the playground, where she has only recently mastered the slides.  Belle repeatedly climbed to the mouth of the highest slide and took many gleeful rides down.  Later on, I used the sturdy plastic seat of Belle's tricycle as a ladder to reach blackberries growing high behind a fence in the park.  Belle grabbed the backs of my legs to support me, unaware she'd be the first to go if I fell.  We must have looked so absurd in the brief moment.

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