Thursday, December 12, 2013

An extra helping...

We brought home two gourmet pumpkin pies (In the freezer now!), a dozen red velvet cupcakes, half a dozen white/strawberry cupcakes, a box of Ho Hos and a box of Savannah Smiles.  We saved four red velvet and two white/strawberry cupcakes and are giving the rest to a family we met on Freecycle.  Safeway makes delicious desserts.  I just wish they could ditch the fake flavoring and food dye.

I failed at a mini chicken pot pie recipe last Friday.  I quickly replaced the three cans of chicken I used there with three more cans of chicken, a container of chicken salad  and a package of turkey meatloaf muffins.  Hooray!  Now to encourage Belle to eat more protein and less sweets.  New house rule:  Thursdays are Belle's sweet cheat days, along with some Saturdays.  We will walk a savory path otherwise.

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