Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas potluck

Our church is hosting a Christmas potluck one week too late.  Last Saturday would have been a perfect day because it was Belle's second birthday and we had a sheet cake meant for a party.  I would have shared the cake and it would have been eaten.  Alas, we didn't plan anything, nor did we find anything to do.  I pray whomever took the sheet cake after I listed it on Freecycle actually shared it.

I will bring one of the pumpkin pies to the potluck.  I might challenge myself to be too full from eating my own dinner at home to try any of the food.  Belle can eat their dinner, of course.  Someone had something to say when I dared eat dinner last time, which made for a very awkward meal.  I want to have a good time away from the buffet table, and away from stupid people if I do eat.

I met that same old woman today who always hounds me about Belle's Baptism.  Honestly, I don't know who to ask to serve as godparents.  I also want more of a celebration for Belle than I ever had when I took my Sacraments.  I ate Taco Bell with my grandmother after my Confirmation.  I want Belle to have more of an impact in the world than our party of two.  I want a goat.

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