Saturday, December 28, 2013


Someone very close to me died tragically in the final weeks of my training to become a certified clinical hypnotherapist.  I had some people warn I had no real right to grieve this person.  My grief or my love didn't matter, at least not to them.  Bereaved, but with newly earned credentials, I had someone else try and sway me against my new career because they considered hypnotherapy to be frivolous.  I soldiered on by enrolling in a holistic health practitioner program that summer, certain I might enjoy a real rewarding career when I combined hypnotherapy and holistic health.

I got an offer on the duplex I'd inherited without even listing it for market and moved here to Alameda exactly a year later.  I dropped my holistic health program and put my dreams of a thriving hypnotherapy practice on the shelf.  Without colleagues, and very few friends, I put my energy into other things.  All that grief over my parents, my grandparents and the loss of a love eventually caught up to me and I fell apart completely.  I had Belle at my lowest point.  Now I want my hypnotherapy practice more than anything, naysayers be damned.

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