Saturday, December 14, 2013

Living simply and sustainable

Today's food run lasted nearly five hours.  Twice as many people came than expected.  I attribute this to the warm, dry weather, a sharp contrast to last December.  We brought home many canned goods, thanks to the elderly Asian immigrants who didn't necessarily like or understand green beans or pumpkin puree.  I filled my pantry with lots of goodies.  I also brought home bananas, eggplant and persimmons.

I spied Sexy Engineer during the wait.  Sexy Engineer is white, six foot five, a Leo, from Maine, new to Alameda and working part time after taking some time off.  We met during last Saturday's food run.  He's a total reflection of me now:  living simply and sustainable.  While Sexy Engineer admires the community building aspect of our food runs, he didn't wait it out with us today.  He went to the beach instead.

Belle exhausted herself playing with some older children while I shopped.

I had to cart her over my shoulder, wiggling and crying, away from the place.  That was a difficult walk home with a trolley full of food.  Belle managed a two hour nap while I walked us home and put her into bed.  We changed into party clothes and had a great time at the church Christmas potluck.  They ate all the pumpkin pie.

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