Sunday, January 5, 2014

Belle made breakfast.

I am committed to actively working with my maternal lineage (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother on down) in 2014.  Imagine my delight this morning when Belle pushed her table up to the stove and started cooking breakfast.

Why is this important?

My great-grandmother had to cook standing on a stool because she was too small to reach it otherwise.  She had been stuck doing the cooking and other chores from childhood, likely based on skin color differences within her family.  She cooked standing on a stool because she had to.  This morning Belle chose to cook standing on her table because she wanted to.

Belle pan fried ham and seasoned the fried eggs.  She even transferred the fried ham to a plate.  I made white rice and supervised Belle's cooking.  She did a fine job controlling the burner and using the spatula and fork.  She is learning quickly how to do things.  All the mothers and grandmothers are with us too.

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