Thursday, January 9, 2014


I learned more from a tape of my maternal grandmother's account of her earliest years in Texas than I learned from her in life.  I almost cannot believe it's the same woman on a tape.  She seemed so loving and honest in 1991 or 1992, when I made the tape.  The woman on the tape would soon unravel, with love and honesty replaced with hatred and lies.  What happened?  What changed?

My grandmother started warning me we'd been cursed not long after I made this tape.  She revealed how she'd been attacked by her mother-in-law with magic that cost my grandmother her health, her money and her daughter.  My grandmother remained convinced until the day she died that we would only advance so far, only to see our efforts cut short because of this curse.

 Releasing this has not been an easy process.  I isolated myself in the exact ways my grandmother encouraged. I held myself back from many things for my own self-preservation.  I recently found an old letter addressed to my grandmother from one of her nine sisters.  The letter alluded to my grandmother falling prey to a psychic scam.  My grandmother fell victim to many such scams, which was the true curse.

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