Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clinging vine

Belle had finally reached her toddler zen, dozing in the warm sunlight, when I accepted a late afternoon lunch guest.  Suddenly, Belle needed a diaper and we both needed to dress.  Belle coped with the sudden change by being extra clingy.  Lunch guest brought her own food to share, which took forever to warm up.  I later discovered Belle had inadvertently changed the temperature settings on the microwave from one hundred percent to nil.  Extra cooking time, and a clingy toddler, made for an interesting afternoon.

I had to change back into the tee shirt I'd been wearing all day after Belle's diaper leaked urine onto my dress.  The three of us went scrambling for dry clothes upstairs, where wrestling Belle into a fresh diaper proved a team effort.  Lunch ended with everyone in my bed, which tends to happen these days whenever I dare entertain with a fussy toddler.  Belle mellowed out in time for the conversations to end and our guest to leave.  She still hasn't let me go, however.  I would need a Cesarean if we were any closer.

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