Monday, January 27, 2014


I am being challenged to create and enjoy a thriving hypnotherapy and coaching practice and writing career.  This is what I have always wanted, and what I have always been steered against.  Never mind the success others have enjoyed.  Writing is poverty and hypnosis is hocus pocus.  The intuitive arts are often perceived as fraudulent.  Couple this with the backlash I abnormally experience as an independent and intellectual woman, and I am at odds.

I used an oracle to better ask myself if hypnotherapy, life coaching and writing are the best for my future happiness.  I deciphered a very surprising negative response.  Truthfully, I discovered a love of reading and writing as a very young girl once I accepted my life with my grandmother would be sedentary.  I would often read and write about the life I couldn't experience with her holding me back.  I successfully earned a creative writing degree, only to see my grandmother's failing health (and death) and other responsibilities overshadow it.

Years later, as a beneficiary, I found myself in a relationship with someone who didn't respect me for not punching a clock.  I quickly immersed myself in a rigorous life coaching training program, followed by a hypnotherapy certification program.  I excelled in these programs with the intention of turning what I had learned into a rewarding career.  Then the person I had grown the closest to, who hadn't been very supportive of my goals, died tragically.  Still grieving, I made a major move a year later.

If hypnosis, life coaching and writing aren't it, what is?  What am I most passionate about?  An astrologer noted an upcoming transit where Jupiter will meet my natal Saturn.  She asked me to remember myself fourteen years ago and reconnect with those interests.  Fourteen years ago I had head shots and Zed cards, iron straight hair and wore a size four dress.  I also enjoyed foreign and domestic travel, fine food and wine and boutique shopping.  I lived a relatively care free life.  Nobody harassed me about being a young woman alone in a house.  Nobody harassed me about dressing or eating well.  What changed?

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