Friday, January 31, 2014

Infant veggies

Yesterday I gave away the bulk of the vegetable purees I'd amassed for Belle to another Freecycle mom.  The same mom who'd given me a chair her preschooler had outgrown a couple months ago needed solids for her infant.  I bagged the food up according to expiry date and gave it away to someone I knew would appreciate it.  A series of guilt inducing emails followed about as soon as the food left my kitchen.

A woman offered to donate the food to a shelter.  Another woman offered to give the food to a single mom she is friends with (I have already given that mom several jars of meat purees in the past.).  A third woman, a very young grandma raising an infant grandchild along with her own school age children, offered to send her husband over to claim the food past ten pm.  It seemed everyone read I had baby food on offer, but dismissed the follow up email that listed the food taken.

I wish I had more baby food to give people I know would use it.  I only gave the food to the one mom because I knew she had a family.  I didn't want a crafts person wasting baby food to save the jars.  If I'd wanted it to go to charity, I would have walked it over to our food bank, not handed it to someone else claiming to be collecting for a shelter.  My heart goes out to the grandma though. I suggested she sign the family up for the food bank.

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