Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ergo Baby Carrier

Yesterday's food run yielded fifteen pounds of grits, twelve delicious strawberry-apple juice boxes and an Ergo baby carrier.  Belle had fallen asleep in the wrap on the walk home when a Passat stopped in front of us.  The woman driving asked if she could drop a baby carrier off for us.  I quickly gave her the address and soldiered on.  Several minutes later, she met us at home with a freshly laundered Ergo, exactly what we needed!

I secured Belle into it right away and watched her fall fast asleep.  Later on I undid the straps while watching a video on how to wear a side hip carry.  I couldn't put the Ergo back together using anything online as a model because there are many different models and not enough images of an empty Ergo from behind.  I began to unravel emotionally immediately, especially when Belle became a clinging vine.  I eventually put the Ergo back together nearly twenty-four hours later, where Belle is sleeping now.

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