Monday, February 17, 2014


I made the best move when I left Los Angeles for Alameda.  Unfortunately, I connected with a slew of angry, fearful, frustrated men who lacked confidence, drive or inspiration once I got here.  These men wanted to bask in my vibration without rising up to meet me at my level.  Rather than change, a couple of the men asked me to leave the island.  Now I find where this is a professional asset, not a curse.  I am not being asked to leave my home of choice.  I am being asked to help trigger a healing transformation in men who ask for it.  That's my niche coaching market!  I dated the types of men I most needed to serve professionally as a [platonic] hypnotherapist, image consultant and life coach.  When my personal or professional needs weren't met, I became indulgent and abused my power.

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