Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day in the park

Belle crashed a pre-schooler's birthday party in the park today.  She power crawled over to their blankets, buried her face in the grass and came back up crying. The mother of the birthday child handed me a pink costume to dress Belle in so she could be a fairy after she recovered from her tantrum.  We were later invited to taste the pink castle cake the mother made.  I dared help myself to a beer, a plate of pinto beans and watermelon wedges tossed with blueberries and fresh mint.  Every variation of fear and self-loathing surfaced during this experience.  I didn't want to be ill perceived or misunderstood for having fun or taking food when I didn't know the people.  I felt like I should have already had my own people.  Interestingly enough, these were probably the sort of friends Belle and I should have anyway.

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