Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

My brief relationship with Belle's father signaled the tail end of the darkest chapter of my adulthood.  Belle triggered a major turn around, the death of the darkness and the birth of love and light. I am moving on from my ex(es) and from anyone else who ever acted out the melodrama.  I am redirecting my power and creativity toward healing and moving on with Belle.

I want to attract an equal, loving partnership, get pregnant and be it, feel it and look it in ways I couldn't with Belle.  I want to do this again, knowing I am healthy. loved and supported.  I want people checking in with me, throwing me a shower and all those beautiful social aspects of pregnancy I missed with Belle.  I can't be that girl anymore, completely cut off from everyone, nursing my own wounds.  I need better than this.  How can you be pregnant without anyone or anything to come home to?

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