Monday, May 20, 2013


Belle asked to walk home from the market for the first time tonight.  We had traveled light, with Belle, wearing only a onesie, barefoot in her pink car.  I allowed her to walk on the sidewalk, careful to scan the ground for glass and other hazards.  Our shopping bag (an avocado, two bunches of bananas, one pound of salted butter, a pack of hot links and two sticks of string cheese) sat in Belle's car in her place.  While I realise the importance of this milestone, I couldn't keep pausing at every tree or patch of dirt to play.  We would still be walking home now had I not scooped Belle up off the ground.  Squirming and screaming, I carried her into a nearby Indian restaurant for dinner:  vegetable samosas, naan, chicken tikka and rice.  We wouldn't have made it the short distance home otherwise.  Belle managed to behave herself until the end of the meal when she climbed out of the high chair and onto the  table.  What to do?

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