Sunday, November 3, 2013


Belle and I spied the niece of the creepy neighbor, happily playing outside as the family move house.  Fortunately, we didn't see the creepy neighbor, nor did we look for him.  Belle had so much excess energy after Halloween, an early morning doctor's appointment and a last minute house guest that I needed her to be with another child to give me a break.  The niece, a second grader, filled Belle's watering can with water from her watering can and showed Belle how to water the grass and plants.  Belle seemed mesmerized.  The girl's mother and grandmother didn't know how to take it.  They greeted me cordially but I could sense the tension.  Something was said in Spanish that I didn't try to understand.  Whatever happened, I didn't cause it.  If the creep deluded himself into believing we were in a relationship, imagine what he told his family?

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