Sunday, November 10, 2013

Playing through the tears.

Belle and I rise very early these days, thanks to Pacific Standard and "toddler time."  I had ample time for a hot and savory breakfast before leaving for mass today.  We arrived at church early enough to choose seats up front for a change.  Belle kept fidgeting, which made mass a challenging experience.  I fed her crackers and a juice box to keep her content until Communion.  After Communion, I decided to walk us toward the exit door so we could be ready to go after the final prayer.  Belle nearly yanked a plaque off the wall near where we stood.  Mortified, I darted out of there quickly, thinking we could walk down to Starbucks.  Belle had other plans, of course.  I dragged her crying and squirming to the nearest park, where she happily played through her feelings.  I eventually made my coffee at home, hours later.

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