Saturday, November 23, 2013


I agreed to pull tarot cards for a friend interested in a message from the other side.  I felt urged to deliver a specific message about the child of the deceased.  A hummingbird appeared in the window above the front door.  It hovered near the Kuan Yin statue I keep above the entry way.  I gave my friend a piece of rose quartz I'd had up there to help her connect and heal.  I took Belle upstairs to grab a few books that might explain hummingbirds as a symbol.  Belle reached out and flipped the same switch that blew out the ceiling fan a couple weeks ago.  The spirit quickly manifested in a tiny cloud of smoke, indicating he's been here trying to reach us for a while.  We had a very healing session once we all sat down.  Even Belle could sense and see him.  She'd been seeing him here for days.  I can now say I have had a spirit pounding inside my head and playing with my toes.  Interesting.

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