Friday, November 29, 2013


I made Thanksgiving dinner:  roast turkey and gravy, spicy sweet potato and peanut stew, broccoli, cranberry sauce (from scratch!) and pumpkin pie with spicy oat crust.  Belle filled up on sparkling Bing cherry juice and leftover Halloween cookies while the turkey cooked.  She later chewed up some broccoli and spit it out.  We shared cage free eggs fried in coconut oil instead of turkey because she asked for eggs.

I finished the night with a slice of delicious pumpkin pie. I ladled myself some gravy for later, thinking I could put Belle to bed and eat my dinner.  I fell asleep right along with Belle and stayed there until well after sunrise.  I may never eat everything all at once with an active toddler around.  I had planned to make dressing until Belle tore into the box, and that box got re-purposed as a compost receptacle.

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