Saturday, November 16, 2013

Run Devil Run

My creepy neighbor, the man who tried charming me with homemade food and wine before asking if he could buy me lingerie for Christmas (I declined!), and who eventually exposed himself to me while my child slept upstairs, has moved.  His sister and her husband found a buyer for their house about as soon as they put it on the market.  The creep and his mother have finally moved back to wherever they came from.  They shouldn't have been here to begin with.

I am fairly certain the creep was The Mountain as read in a Lenormand reading I had with Madame Nadia four months ago.  I used plenty of red pepper to hot foot this man from my life, per Madame Nadia's recommendation.  That Devil ran like hell after I laid the trick.  I have never seen so many home repairs and flutters of activity.  The creep even started driving the car that had set out untouched for years.  He was that serious about leaving.  It also helped that I'd threatened to report him for indecent exposure if ever he even breathed near me.

Madame Nadia also recommended I work with roses for healing.  My new neighbor's name is Rosie.  A beautiful rose has planted herself in the creep's place.  I am very excited and hopeful now that old, creepy energy has passed, and new, fresh energy has arrived.  Rose held a bottle of olive oil with dried rosemary inside the bottle, a wedding favor from friends.  That's symbolic.  The coffee on my hands was also symbolic.  I feel very good about this.

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