Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fashion show

Belle and I attended a fashion show at a nearby boutique last night.  Belgian chocolate, cheese and wine served against a backdrop of fashion and flashing cameras felt reminiscent of the old days in L.A. I even wore a little black dress, red lipstick and silver jewelry for our night out.  Belle wore a sleeveless sundress, perfect for the warm and sunny Summer evening.  She kept calm and reasonably quiet for a curious toddler.  We only ran into trouble at the end when Belle, suddenly very comfortable with her surroundings, reached for a vase of orchids.  A cup of wine overturned in the scramble to protect the orchids, likely knocked over by an adult after an adult left the wine too close to the edge.  Everyone blamed the toddler for this accident, which wiped clean off the floor.  Belle promptly grabbed another cup of wine off the table and started guzzling it as we were distracted by the spill.

Belle also discovered crackers and grapes last night.  I allowed her the freedom to walk the short distance from me to the buffet table to fetch her own crackers and grapes.  This annoyed one of the guests, a man in a suit who called me "m'am."  He feared Belle would knock over the [cheap] wine in bottles and [gasp] box.  I knew then we were no longer welcome at this "fashionable" party.  When someone dared blame Belle's behavior on being "hungry" and "tired," I was officially done.  I drank the last of my wine and got us out of there.

It annoys me whenever anyone assumes I can't read Belle's hunger cues.  It really annoys me whenever anyone assumes I haven't fed her.  Belle didn't eat the grapes because she was hungry.  Belle ate the grapes because they were new foods to her.  It isn't advised to feed grapes because grapes are a choking risk.  Belle confidently ate grapes last night and was labeled hungry because she kept eating them.  I was advised, as her mother, to make her a plate of grapes because she appeared hungry and the adults didn't want their wine spilled.  Whatever.  Belle never misses a meal.  She will be taught manners accordingly.

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