Thursday, June 6, 2013

Poop smear

Yesterday brought on another "Mommy and Me" pooping event, sans food poisoning this time.  I knew I had to go about as soon as we reached the park.  I let Belle play because I wasn't in discomfort, nor was I breaking social etiquette.  I knew I could wait.  When it was time to go, I bundled Belle back into a ring sling for the walk home and she fell fast asleep.  I smelled the poop as soon as we stepped inside our house.

Belle hadn't pooped in a couple days prior to yesterday.  Pureed prunes hadn't even helped her digestion.  The noxious odor coming from my soundly sleeping toddler proved she finally had.  I anticipated diaper failure from that smell.  I grabbed wash cloths and towels and headed for the tub.  Unfortunately, that meant rousing Belle from the ring sling and out of her clothes.  Belle protested by scooting her naked bum across the floor and smearing poop everywhere.  That wasn't very nice.  Belle got her second wind after that and stayed awake for hours.

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